Complete the video in the shortest time

Every second counts in the world of business; time is money. HKFootage completes many urgent requests for video production. For examples, we completed: a 15-second promotional video to be displayed on MTR trains in just 4 days; two films for a corporation - a corporate introductory and a service introductory film in one week, and also a product introductory video in 10 days. There have been too ma

The soul of a promo video - from concept creation to script writing

The most crucial ingredients in creating promo videos are concept development and screenwriting. At HKfootage our experienced screenwriters can provide valuable advice to clients. We have extensive experience with idea conception, outline development and writing dialogue. Translation services are also available upon request. Scripts can be translated into simplified Chinese or other languages, s

Micro film opens the door to internet promotion

Micro-films have become very popular on the internet. Compared with commercial advertisement, micro films actually tells a story. They are more entertaining and less commercialized, and micro films tend to attract internet users to share with one and other. If you are interested in promoting your company through the internet, contact us now for professional production advices.